Belgian designer Pierric De Coster creates set of drawers & cupboard

Belgian designer Pierric De Coster creates set of drawers & cupboard

PDC 1a and PDC 1b at Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerp

With ‘PDC 1a’ and ‘PDC 1b’, Belgian architect and designer Pierric De Coster creates his first pieces, using aluminium and polished stainless steel. On a constant quest for proportion and composition, all the unnecessary was left out and furniture with clean, minimalist aesthetics arise. The detached cupboard and drawer create space for extra perspectives and reflected surroundings, and provoke confusion as to what is real and what is fiction. Available at Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerp.


The perfectly measured dimensions and the mirrored surfaces create a mind boggling effect. Different perspectives provoke different observations. The drawers (PDC 1a) may give the observant the illusion to be empty, although he can't see what's inside. The cupboard (PDC 1b) doesn't look like a cupboard at all, when looking from the side. Through the reflection of the polished stainless steel, a whole world arises. A feeling of transparency occurs, although the materials are totally non-transparent. The observant tries to figure out what is real and what is fiction.

PDC 1a and PDC 1b are available at Valerie Traan in different set ups.
As from € 1800.



Pierric De Coster (Brussels, °1984) is a Belgian architect and designer. PDC 1a and PDC 1b are Pierric's first solo designs. In 2012, Pierric founded Antwerp based design studio DIALECT, together with Jonas Blondeel.



Valerie Traan is a space for objects, subjects and themes, where both functional and subjective approaches to understanding these are heard; often balancing on the dividing line between design, art and architecture.

The artists examine themes such as self-sufficiency, sustainability, cultural heritage and authenticity, but also beauty and aesthetic reflections will get a place.

Valerie Traan
+32 475 75 94 59
Reyndersstraat 12
2000 Antwerp | belgium

Photography © Frederik Vercruysse


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