New home inspiration platform Roomin goes offline with Antwerp apartment

New home inspiration platform Roomin goes offline with Antwerp apartment

Friday, March 18, 2016 — Roomin is a brand new online home inspiration platform that aims to become the reference for interior design inspiration. Besides inspiration, Roomin provides its users with useful information, showing them how to create their own dream home. Twice a year, Roomin will take the inspiration offline by settling down in a different city, taking over a space and making it their home. The first edition of this temporary experience will take place in Antwerp, in the apartment on the first floor of Antwerp hot spot St.Vincents, from 1 April to 19 June 2016. More information on opening hours, workshop programme and enrollments can be found on as from March 26.


Imagine the visual pleasure of browsing through Pinterest, linked to the inspiring storytelling of your favourite blogs and magazines, the helpful advice of interior design stores and the easy accessibility of an online shop. combines the best of all worlds in one informative, inspiring and convenient online tool.

There's no need to browse through heaps of boring or ugly images, because every photo is created and selected with care. Simply log in and start liking your favourite images to add them to your personal moodboard - your 'room' - and come back to them whenever you feel like it.

The content is not just visually inspiring, but informative, too. All images on the platform are accompanied by the story behind them, and are linked to specific products, brands and people, so that visitors can take action to apply these inspirations to their own home.

“Roomin is a one-stop destination for interior design inspiration. Discover the stories behind beautiful homes, creative brands and talented people both online on, and offline in our temporary experience apartments. We’ll hand you all the tools you need to apply the inspiration to your own home, and to create a better, more beautiful life.” - ROOMIN founders Stéphanie Duval and Nele Pieters


We're taking the inspiration offline, too. Twice a year, Roomin will settle down in a different city, taking over a space and making it their home. The first edition of this temporary experience will take place in Antwerp, in the apartment on the first floor above Antwerp hot spot St. Vincents - Kleine Markt 13, 2000 Antwerp.

A different interior architect will create each of these temporary apartments, and the first one in Antwerp was designed by Sofie Vertongen. Every Thursday to Sunday from April 1st to June 19th, visitors are welcome to come hang out in our living room, go through the cupboards in the kitchen, try out the bed or simply browse the entire apartment. Everything you see is for sale, either right there in the apartment or by ordering your made-to-measure version.

Don't call Roomin a pop-up shop though, we like to think of it as more of a temporary experience. Join us for free yoga sessions in the living room every other week, or enroll for one of our highly inspiring evening workshops. Each event is curated to help you get the most out of your life and home!

Every Thursday to Sunday from April 1st to June 19th, 2016

Kleine Markt 13
2000 Antwerp


Reserve your spot in one of our workshops by emailing!

Friday 01/04 - Housewarming Party (everybody welcome --> confirm your presence)
Sunday 10/04 - Living room yoga session, 9am - 11am
Thursday 14/04 - Boho Night In, 7pm - 10pm
Thursday 21/04 - Workshop 'Wootay Colours', 7pm - 10pm
Sunday 24/04 - Living room yoga session, 9am - 11am
Thursday 05/05 - Inspiration session 'The Good Life', 7pm - 10pm
Sunday 15/05 - Living room yoga session, 9am - 11am
Thursday 26/05 - Inspiration session 'Setting the Mood', 7pm - 10pm
Sunday 29/05 - Living room yoga session, 9am - 11am
Thursday 02/06 - Inspiration session 'Sleeping Better', 7pm - 10pm
Thursday 09/06 - Inspiration session 'Greenterior', 7pm - 10pm
Sunday 12/06 - Living room yoga session, 9am - 11am


WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS (unless otherwise noted, all workshops are in Dutch)

Living Room Yoga Sessions

Looking for a balance in our lives, we all realise our health is dependent on the state of our body and mind. Roomin will organise five sessions of living room yoga: a quick and easy workshop that proves you don't need a designer outfit or hipster fitness subscription to bring the advantages of yoga into your life.

9am - 10am: yoga session by Yoga Pili
10am - 11am: power breakfast by Alpro

Boho Night In

Get inspired by our themed night in, and bring a little bit of bohemian style into your home and life. Designer Aline Vagabond shares how she is continuously inspired by boho for her collection of homewear Pluto On The Moon. Ann Van Loon of Jemamuse demonstrates the art of weaving to create modern versions of the quintessential bohemian wall decor. Meanwhile, online flower start-up Bloomon shares some tips on how to decorate your home with wild flowers, and Sofie Vertongen of Phyt shares her tricks on how to greenify your home with air plants! Shop your favourite products and inspire your inner wild child!

'Boho lifestyle' inspiration talk by Aline Vagabond from Pluto On The Moon
'Wall weaving' demonstration by Ann Van Loon
'Wild flower' workshop by Bloomon
'Phyt' workshop bySofie Vertongen

Inspiration session 'Colour, the Wootay way'

We think we know colour, but do we really? Sometimes it takes a fresh, out-of-the-box look at new combinations and possibilities, to discover what we really like and what would work for our home and personality. Karina Soors and Vincent Dedeurwaerdere of Studio Woot Woot are experts at challenging expectations and broadening horizons. 

Inspiration session and colourful snacks

Inspiration session 'The Good Life'

We want our kids to grow up in a healthy world, leading a 'good' life, but we're not quite ready to give up on a full and stylish life. To prove that you really can have it all, we've invited Annelien Boens and Tom Duhoux of online platform to explain why an 'eco lifestyle' isn't a challenge so much as an opportunity, and Dutch brand Marie-Stella-Maris to share how their vision of a better world comes with beautiful packaging and delicious scents.

'Good food' inspiration talk by Bunny Side Up and snacks
'Good lifestyle' inspiration talk by
'Good products' inspiration talk by Marie-Stella-Maris

Inspiration session 'Setting the Mood'

Ever wondered why some boutique hotels feel like an alternate universe, where everything is beautiful, cosy and relaxed? The trick is to look beyond the nice interior design, to the little details that can make or break an atmosphere. Join us to learn how essential oils could transform your home during our introduction to aromatherapy, and how easy it is to set the mood with tips and tricks from our lighting experts.

'Aromatherapy' inspiration talk
'Mood lighting' inspiration talk


Inspiration session 'Sleeping Better'

In order to achieve our goals during the day, we need to be able to reset our body and mind during the night. For all those night owls who can't seem to find their 'off button', who take their work into the bedroom and dream about important meetings, we're creating the perfect occasion to hit the pause button. Our experts will demonstrate the perfect ways to get into the 'zen zone', with tips and tricks ranging from aromatherapy to the design of your bedroom.

'Design your perfect bedroom' inspiration talk
'Tips and tricks to sleep better' inspiration talk
Demonstrations aromatherapy, massage and yoga

Workshop 'Greenterior'

Greenify your life. Magali and Bart from Coffeeklatch are passionate about plants and share their vision on how plants make life better in an inspiring talk. Bloomon changes lives with their super easy flower subscription and their inspiring how-to decorate with wild flowers. And because we always like to take things one step further, join our workshop 'green smoothies for a better, plant-based life' hosted by Alpro.

'Green smoothies' workshop by Alpro
'Greenterior' inspiration talk by Magali Elali and Bart Kiggen
'Decorating with wild flowers' demonstration by Bloomon



Roomin is a brand new home inspiration platform that aims to become the reference for interior design inspiration; the directory for people, places, products and brands within the world of deco and design; and the place-to-be for up-and-coming talent within the industry to profile themselves.

Roomin is curated

Whether online or offline, Roomin always offers a curated experience. Our team of insiders write interesting stories and create inspiring visuals, and guarantee their accurateness and quality at all times. They make sure Roomin, in whichever shape or form, is always visually inspiring and highly informative, too.

Roomin is real

Yes, we all fantasize about an architecturally perfect dream home, but as long as we're living in the real world, we'd like to offer some real inspiration. Accessible and attainable are not synonyms for uninspired or unremarkable. We're here to prove that #reallife can be pretty damn cool, too.


Contact for further information, images or interviews or to make an appointment at the Roomin apartment.